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Streit Enterprises and our CEO, Teri Streit, own several rental properties. Ms. Streit has over 10 years experience in Insurance and was looking to out-source the insurance. Initally she found substandard service. Interviewing new companies resulted in unreturned phone calls and the like. This horrific service, was across a large set of properties.

Addiontally, Ms. Streit's husband owns properties as do many of their friends. At the insistence of many, Ms. Streit returned to Insurance and provides the type of service she expects. Ms. Streit is a provider as well as a client!!!.

Ms. Streit is never too busy to find the best price, the best service, the mitigation of the most risk and works tirelessly to do this. Let's face it, most people are too lazy to do it right. This is why Streit Enterprises Insurance was created.

We collaborate closely with partners. Please browse our Website, call or send us an email, and we hope you will be able to join our journey as a friend, customer, partner or employee.

Experienced leadership and a strong vision.

“Our success hinges on focused leadership and great services. We know both where we need to go and how to get there while being incredibly flexible to best serve our customers. And, we're making rapid progress. We continue to drive product innovation and move the marketplace forward with our focus on customer service and value.

We invite you to join our remarkable journey. We have a tremendous set of assets and strengths in place – the people, the plan, and great technology – and we dedicate every day to both having fun and making a positive difference.”

- Teri Lynn Streit, Founder and CEO

The Streit Enterprises business is led by Teri Streit, a certified professional experienced in high-growth ventures, data analytics and delivery. Prior to founding Streit Enterprises, Ms. Streit worked in Insurance Underwriting with several firms. Ms. Streit's strong understanding of Insurance and Risk uniquely qualifies her to bring success to YOUR business or personal endeavor.

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